Triple Monitor-ing

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a monitor that has the smallest bezel possible. What I want to do is get one for now and buy two more when I have bought a graphics card and have the money for them. For a triple monitor setup, I want to minimize the gastly black bars between screens, so I was wondering what are the thinniest bezel monitors you know of?

So far I have looked at:




I have seen samsung's eyefinity triple monitor, one stand doohickey but it is far too expensive for me. I would like to spend under 300 dollars per monitor.

Right now, the LG is at the top of my list despite not having the advertised 1.2mm bezel. It actually has an 11mm bezel which I am fine with. 

So, any ideas?



I would avoid lg just too many persional problems with them -_- 

that samsung is the best of the bunch and thats what I would go with.


Hopet it helped!

Probably going to end up taking your advice, so yeah, you did help! :) 

What are the kinds of problems you speak of? General crappy build quality or what?

I have used an LG monitor since '09, no problems. that doesn't say anything about current products though...

Yeah. Unfortunately, the reviews I have read seem to mostly be conflicting. I still dont know whether to go for it. It does have a smaller bezel which is what I'm after in the long run...

I bought a 60" lg tv costs $2500 at the time plasma 1080p all of that 2 years and a month later the tv dies flat out due to one circut being shorted on the board, call lg up they basically say go f youself so we are stuck with this $2500 paper weight, eventually we bring it to a tv repairs man and he tells us $500 for the tv because you cant replace the one circut you have to replace the whole board, so bought a samsung smart tv and there you go. no problems from there 

2 years isnt too bad. And it was a plasma TV. Not too far off a LCD monitor or whatever it is but not too close either.

i dont know about led screens but i bought 1 ccfl about 3 years ago and the same monitor 1 year ago again, and i cant set the colors right because the old screen has aged and is even darker than the newer screen, so my advice would be to stick with your old screen until you have the cash to buy all 3 screens at the same time


Used google and found this in like 2 seconds. Seems to be an upgraded verison of your first link also.

"Borderless" 2mm bezel.

Holy balls! nice find! thanks! :)

No problem. Show us an unboxing when you get them. Would love to see how they look.

ot not D:

Ah too good to be true. I'll keep searching, seems these are harder to find than what I thought.

2 years is terrible for $2500 

I have found a few.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&biw=1278&bih=679&um=1&ie=UTF-8&cid=17093885627586974387&sa=X&ei=yb8BUYffCqmL0AWOiIDwDw&ved=0CEYQ8wIwAA

They all seem to be solid contenders. I'll report back if i make any major conclusions!

How about this one?

They all seem good. I'm gonna have a lot of comparing to do :P