Triple Monitor Help!

So I've been trying to run three monitors off my R9 280X and I'm not having any luck. I'm using two BenQ GL2460 1080p panels, one of which is using DVI to DVI and the other is using HDMI to DVI. As well as my older Dell 2007WFP which is using a mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter and then a DVI to DVI cable. The monitors will not work however; I can get the two 1080p panels to work or one of the 1080p panels and then the older Dell panel.

Would this be because I need to get an active mini DisplayPort adapter instead? Can anyone offer any assistance here?

Thank you in advance!

Try to connect one of the 1080p panel to the displayport adapter and the old Dell monitor directy to the DVI port. So you'll have the displays that need more bandwith on the best connections possible and the less powerlful one on a "slower" connection. It should be fixed with this simple swap.

Some of the digital lanes might be shared, it should support up to 3+ through display port though

I shall test that later or tomorrow depending on how busy I am! Hopefully that'll fix my problem.

AMD's guideline on how to connect monitors in Eyefinity configuration state that the best display you have must be connected to the displayport so I guess that simple switch will fix the issue. If that doesen't work too you can connect one of the monitors to the integrated graphic, if you have one.

I don't think you can run a display of the integrated graphics on the Z77 platform.

Yeah, you can but you won't be able to benefit from the Eyefinity features since not all the monitors would be connected to the same card. If you don't think it's possible give it a shot anyway and you'll see (:

@metalizeyourbrain Okay I shall try! I tried your previous suggestion and it didn't work, now the 1080p using the DisplayPort adapter doesn't power display anything so I can only imagine it's because I need an active DisplayPort adapter.

Here's what I found on the AMD site:
They're not talking about active Displayport adapter so I don't know what's going wrong with your config, it's weird. Did you try to use the two DVIs connectors and the HDMI? Maybe it works that way.

An active adapter would probably help, but I'm not sure if you're meant to hook up that many displays without like a display port hub. the card could simply be running out of bandwidth, but ya you can check your BIOs to see if you can switch some displays to the iGPU

It no longer matters! The 1680x1050 Dell monitor is now running off the iGPU after I enabled it in the BIOS. Feeling like some sort of half-Wendell. Thank you and @metalizeyourbrain for the help! You just saved me ordering some stupid DisplayPort cable haha!

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You're welcome mate. I told you connecting the third monitor off of the iGPU would've worked. I hope you're enjoying your badass monitor config!

I recall trying to do it once before and I couldn't get it to work but I'm glad it did! Haha I will man! :-)

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If all else fails, you can buy one or two graphics-over-USB adapters that use a chipset from DisplayPort. They're great for anything but gaming or watching HD or UHD video. You can find them for single-link DVI, dual-link DVI, HDMI HD and 4K, DisplayPort HD and 4K, and VGA.