Trine 2 on Linux game off screen

Hey Guys!

So my Trine 2 on steam, running natively on Ubuntu Gnome, has a really weird bug. When I launch the game, the only thing on the primary monitor (running fullscreen on the primary monitor ("L") in a PLP setup) is the bottom left quarter of the game across the entire screen. I cannot see the rest, (it does not go onto the other screens) but it is still usable. However, when I launch it in windowed mode, the bug doesn't happen. I have looked it up a bunch, and have tried changing driver versions, changing HiDPI from 1 to 2 (all I can do in the GUI in Gnome I think), different resolutions in game, AA, Vsync on and off, and playing around with the X Server app. Does anyone know a solution?
The Burrito.