Trimortum Anthology | A Classic RPG Adventure

//The Project

The project we are aiming to develop here is known as the Trimortum Anthology. The projects starts with a trilogy consisting of The Eulogy of Sommora, The Dirge of Edeleri, and the Ballad of Adastra. These games will take place across three worlds within the Trimortum which were identical in creation but progressed down very different paths.


//The Team

Our studio currently consists of only two people. We obviously need to expand our team and bring in some talented people. That's the point of our fundraising campaign, to bring in the talented artists and composers that we need for our games to reach their full potential. The fact is we will develop these games regardless of funding though the quality of the end product will be much lower than we would like. 

We really want to support the community with our games which is why we're offering the chance for anyone who can make assets to contribute. A game that is built by both the developers and the community will always be better than one simply developed internally. 

//Story Synopsis

The populations of each world were oblivious to one another prior to the discovery of ancient gateways that linked the three worlds together. Each world’s populace developed it’s own unique way of life ranging from the primitive villages of Sommora to the advanced utopias of Edeleri. There is a power struggle going far beyond what lies on the surface and a war being waged between three god-like entities, once mortal, now powerful enough to upset the natural balance of the worlds to the point of complete collapse.

This war, fueled by jealousy and a lust for power, sets the stage for you, the hero, to come in. Your job as the hero and savior of the three worlds is to bring about the end of this pointless conflict that can only end in more suffering and destruction.


The game will feature a traditional 2D, top-down gameplay style similar to the games of the past decade. However to bring this old niche into the modern day, we will allow the player to have much more control over things like the camera, interface, and even gameplay.

The engine will be built on top of Unity 3D using a custom framework known simply as Prelude or The Prelude Framework. This framework will integrate the proper tools into Unity 3D for building this style of game. Once completed, this engine will be used for all games in the series with various improvements and features being added periodically.

//Community Contribution

This project is a large undertaking for such a small studio that currently only consists of two people and we can’t do it by ourselves, we need your help. Donations will help this project reach it’s full potential, granting us much needed assets which can lead to a much higher quality of game. We aren't strictly after funding, any contribution will help. If you or someone you know is good at pixel art then let us know! Our team desperately needs dedicated artists who are willing to help develop what could be a very nostalgic and enthralling series of games.

Suggestions and constructive criticism are also welcome. We want community feedback so that we can tailor the game to better satisfy the majority without neglecting the minority. If you see something in our updates or devlogs that seems strange or lacking, let us know about it!



*You may contact us directly at: [email protected] or by posting on this forum topic.

*You can find our IndieGoGo campaign at:

*I will be keeping this forum post updates alongside the campaign on a regular basis.

*We have full-time jobs and thus are often busy. Please excuse any delayed replies :)



Just so the lack of any screenies doesn't chase people away...

Behold! Very very very early development screenshot. 

None of these graphics are final and are simply being used for testing our engine.

Looks cool. 

So it's becoming more and more obvious that our studio is missing a very important member, and that member is a dedicated artist. Sure I may be able to make a fancy logo, maybe pixel art a sword but we're still at a loss when it comes to major assets. The fact is we need a pixel artist to make tilesets and character animation sheets along with some other assets and we just don't have the artistic talent to pull it off internally. 

If anybody here happens to be good at pixel art, specifically making tilesets and other sprite artwork, and would be willing to help develop what could be an amazing series of RPG games, then please contact us.

We don't have a lot of money to throw around and our fundraising campaign isn't looking too promising. We need someone who would be willing to put their free time into this project without expecting regular payments and contracts. We understand that the industry has changed and that talented people now expect money up front. The fact is, we need people, like us, who will help develop this project out of personal enjoyment, as a hobby without expecting a huge return or payment up front. If the project succeeds then yes, you will get money out of it. If it doesn't, then you can walk away knowing you still enjoyed developing it as a hobby project and in doing so, improved your skills so that you might have better success with the next project.

What we're really trying to do is build a complete indie studio from scratch so that we can bring our ideas and concepts into reality. If you would like to be a part of this endeavor then feel free to contact us via email or by simply posting here.


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