Tried to get a cloud thing running using ubunt server and ownCloud, cant reach web interface. Help please?


Thanks in advance for dealing with my incompetence.

I tried using this guide on a virtualbox on my computer.
Everything worked fine and dandy until I reached step 3 in chapter 3. When trying to reach http://localhost/owncloud in midori i get "Unable to connect".
I have hardly any experience with Ubuntu or servers. Any help appreciated.

You most likely need to open firewall ports on ubuntu.

if im understanding it correctly i dont need to pass any firewalls as im trying to reach the interface through firefox within the virtual machine.

Ubuntu AFAIK doesn't have ports open for stuff to come in by default....

Wait this is from within ubuntu that you can't access it.. hmm that is different then. Is the owncloud service running?

( I do not know owncloud just giving basic services advice.)

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im just trying a few other things
from some other site
ill see if that works

I was missing a properely set up mySQL database or something
now it works
thanks a lot