Tricks for Building a PC

I am getting ready to build my first PC. Any tips that will help me not explode my new PC are greatly appreciated.




Well, make sure you're picking compatible parts, that the PSU is 80 Plus certified, etc. There are some general things, like:

  • Make sure you discharge static on your body regularly; a broken computer means a broken heart.
  • Have a large workspace, and keep a magnet around so you can slap screws/nuts/etc on it and they won't roll away.
  • Work slowly. Haste makes waste, so take your time. You won't have to go in and make repairs later.

PC building isn't that difficult if you have a general sense of which plug goes into which socket, etc. Just make sure your workplace is free of cats/dogs, liquids, or something that might really ruin your day. Have fun!


What is the easiest was to discharge any static electricity?

wear shorts that don't cause static, sit down with legs crossed, place case on legs, ???, profit

don't sit on carpet, wood floor would be best

Ground yourself. Always ground yourself.

To discharge yourself touch metal on computer chassis to negate any charge differential between you and the computer ;)

Dont use a hammer.....


Just touch the case before touching any of the components. As soon as you start building, you will be touching the case so much that you don't even have to thing about it.

What are shorts that dont cause static?