Tri color hotend [3D Printing]

All metal water cooled tri colored single nozzle hot end for Delta Printers.  He was able to get some horizontal color mixing happening to an extent. Three cubes printed next to each other each with a different pattern of vertical mixing. (bottom picture) The color change is not instant and takes a bit of extrusion before the other color is fully there. He said that he uses the infill for the color change over and that at 50% infill on a 30mm cube it took about 75% of the infill before the next color was available.

I found this via the Google+ 3D printing community posted by Herman Steyn  

Hes also got a website with more photos and details about the project here 

Vertical color mixing 

Horizontal and vertical color mixing. different vertical patterns on different cubes

Wow that mechanism for moving the head is really cool. It does it all on vertical movements to move it left and right. 

Yup, delta is pretty cool. Many of the deltas people make use magnetic and smooth metal balls as ball joins on the arms that come down and attach to the extrude assembly.