Trendnet Switch Issues

I have a 24 port Trendnet switch that has no twice in the past 2 weeks gone offline.

The activity lights are still working and flashing but all devices connected to this unit go offline, basically the LAN goes dead and of course no inet functions either.

A power cycle resolves the issue but wondering why this is happening.

Any thoughts or Ideas on this one ?

The unit is maybe a year old.

Are you the original owner? Contact Trend for an RMA.

Probably a power supply issue, if it’s out of warranty open it up and check the caps for signs of stress.

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Yea, I had a Netgear do something similar, but slightly different.

I had to RMA it.

Thanks for the feedback, I purchased it myself so yes original owner but I will just purchase another one and RMA the faulty one out.

Not sure why I got a 24 port but I think it was due to Fry’s only having this model IN STOCK at the time.

Going to check Amazon now for a replacement.


And I ordered a new 24 port switch from Amazon, only $79.99 USD with Prime Shipping.

Once i have it installed I will contact Trendnet on the other unit for RMA if under warranty.

Strange that there’s no watchdog to reboot it once stuck (think of all the RMAs manufacturers could avoid that way).

Probably they think it’s cheaper to RMA the devices instead of creating this function, it is an unmanaged switch.

My new switch arrived today, connected it up and all is good so far.

It’s also one of he Home models as it doesn’t come with any Rack Mount brackets like my other one did and isn’t as large.

Here is an update to my switch woes, it happened again with my new switch so pretty sure it wasn’t the switch.

So here is what I did to troubleshoot further:

  1. I left the disconnected from inet going without power cycling the switch.

  2. I started disconnecting one network patch cable at a time, once I found the culprit the inet restored automatically.

It is most likely a kinked patch cable connected onto my Gaming Rig, wah, wah, wah :frowning:

I have a ton of spare cables so grabbed a new CAT6 cable and connected it to the same switch port and will monitor to see if this happens again.

I have a feeling the cable was causing an issue as I noticed it was only connecting at 10/100 instead of gigabit like any CAT6 cable should.

The new cable is showing a 1Gb connection now so I’m pretty confident this was the issue from the get go :wink:

Not applicable for your trouble, but I’ve used consumer grade switches/routers for over a decade because they’re compact and have way more features, any disconnect/freeze issues were due to the low performance chips used in them and bad cooling. Right now I have 3 TP-Links daisy chained together lol

Installing Openwrt/Tomato/DDWRT and doing some proper configuration always makes them work perfectly. Installing some heatsinks on the chips is also advisable if you’re pushing a lot of data through them.