Treehouse or Lynda?

Hello guys

I am currently in college for computer science at a community college taking all my core classes, before I transfer to a 4 year. Classes are moving way to slow, i am taking all the classes that will transfer over to my 4 year to save me money. So classes like computer management(hardware from 2012), operating systems, basic stuff I have picked up over the years just being part of the PC master race. The classes feel really slow and i have started just doing them online because I get nothing from the lectures. So I have a lot of free time to learn on my own.

I also am into photography, editing and business. so far my idea is to start paying for online content, I feel that a lot of the connect on YouTube feels outdated or unprofessional, even by you-tubers that there channels are all about teaching a topic, and since the information that i learn could be an answer on a test I really do not want to have misinformation.

So my current options that I know about are and, does anyone have experience with both, witch is better, from forms i have read people really seem to prefer treehouse, but are there other i do not know about?what are the pros and cons of each. My main focus is programming, over photography, editing or business.

Lynda is owned by LinkedIn now, if whom you're giving your money to is of any concern.

I get a subscription to Lynda through my 4 year for free. From the couple of things I've looked at, it's a bit of a hit-or-miss. Some topics are incredibly boring and seem to drag on, but others seem to be better taught and presented, keeping my interest throughout most of it. It was much the same for the 2 years of community college I took, and some of my 4 year classes as well. I feel it'll be like that with Treehouse as well, but I don't have any experience with them.

It may just be an education thing in general where you don't always have classes that teach you what you want to learn specifically, but that's what you're looking for.

Have you tried Codecademy at all? It's pretty good for learning the basics of the programming languages they offer and it's free.

Yes, I have been finished most of the content from codecademy, really enjoyed it.

CBT Nuggets or Pluralsight has more Computer/IT courses. Lynda is more orientated towards Content Creation.
Never experienced Treehouse.

They both have trial periods right?

Try them out and go with what you like better.

On the subject of IT courses, is excellent with it's content. Extremely thorough, inexpensive (comparatively) and it has a ton of content on even some content creation. Mostly focused on IT certs, but contains tons of videos on pen testing, scripting, and project management.
With that out of the way, I've heard good things on Lynda as a programming resource. I've no experience with Treehouse, but I checked out their site just now. Doesn't really give you much by way of offering until you sign up. Can anyone expand on exactly what Treehouse offers?

I've used Lynda but never kept a subscription going longer than two weeks I think the format is fine but I found the lectures for some courses were putting me to sleep or they kinda rambled when explaining something so it didn't always paint a clear picture.

I've recently started using Udemy for my learning and found the courses keep me more engaged but It's mostly down to personal preference. I prefer paying once for a course and being able to access the information whenever than paying for a subscription where I might not use it in that month.

my experience from using lynda and other video coding tutorials... it give you a very very basic intro to the information. is a more like a guide. a book is the ultimate tool