Traveling with PC, should I remove GPU?

Hey guys,
So I was thinking, im gonna be on the road for a good couple 100 miles and im gonna be taking my PC.

The case is a Coolermaster HAF 922

And my GPU is a MSI GTX 960 4GB

My question is, you think I should take it out and put it back in its original box (which i still have) and reinstall it when I get to where im going?

Or do you think im just being a silly sausage?

Thanks in advance.

Put some packing foam into the system and transport it on its side. No need to remove the GPU.

Seems like it would be a bit messy?

I'd take it out and transport it in the retail box. Or carry it in your pocket and whip it out when you need a coaster, Logan style.


If you rest the case on the right side panel, the PCI-e bracket and slot will be enough to hold it in place.

You only need to support it or remove it if it's going to be knocked about.

Hey thanks for the reply, I dont feel comfortable putting anything but hardware inside my machine.

Fear of static charge and stuff like that.

Hey man, I will be transporting it on its side (I always do that) . I will also be placing the case back in its original box with the styrofoam braces.

Im really considering take the GPU out, as its gonna be a long drive and cars on motorways are bumpy.

I would of also asked the same question about taking off a aftermarket heatsink, but im currently using stock at the mo.

Every few months I take my PC to and from my university to my parents house, which are about 140 miles away.

Never had any problems with it whatsoever.

I'd take out my gpu as a best practice i mean its not like its hard or time consuming to take out and replace... whether it's necessary or not is debatable. For just driving I wouldn't worry about it that much.

Ok thanks guys, I think I feel confident enough now to just leave it in there. I mean i will be putting the whole Coolmaster case back in its original box with the styrofoam braces / brackets supports things and ill be transporting it on it side.

Im probz gonna put a duvet round the whole box as well.

And when you think about it, when people buy pre build systems online, the whole machine comes in a box, preassembled I guess.

If you're just driving in a car you should be fine to leave it in

Years ago I took my PC over to my buddy's house, and when I got there it no longer worked. It was only a couple miles down the road, and I remember being a bit baffled by it.

The vibrations somehow unseated my RAM, but after reseating it, the machine was fine.

I think if I were going any real distance though, I'd just go ahead and take my GPU out. It takes so little effort, why risk it?

I've driven across country multiple times with multiple systems, never had anything break.
I always laid it so the motherboard side was down on the back seat of my car, like how a test bench is set up, and moved the front seats back to make it snug so it wouldn't move.
And in my time working at a pc shop I have only seen a few times where the pcie slot got ripped off the motherboard in shipping, and I'm sure you will be more careful than ups or fedex.

Since is a pretty simple thing to take out I would totally do that. Will probably take you 5 minutes more to get ready but you won't regret it for sure.

You'll be surprised how much my friends get mad when they see me use my XFX 4870(Dead Card) as a coaster. They genuinely get angry with me. :D

I travel back and forth with my PC from uni to home (100 miles), all components still inside, and haven't had any problems. I transport it in the motherboard box with the shipping foam, motherboard side down. You should be fine.

I might be able to offer some insight. About a year ago I moved from Alaska to Connecticut (for a three year assignment only, this state sucks balls). I have a CM Stryker case. I built a custom box out of 2x4s and .5" plywood then lined the inside with 2" thermal foam. Leaving all the of guts inside, I emptied the coolant and stuffed the case full of packing peanuts. It had no issues when it arrived 45 days later