Transitioning to Linux

I watched the first two videos on Tek Linux and I am going to be switching over to an SSD here in the next couple of days, so I thought "hey maybe this is something I should experiment with."

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a quality, stable distro to start with? Moreover, does anybody know of a good source regarding commands? I do not have much experience with a CLI.

UPDATE 09/04/2015 07:10:
After doing some extensive research, I have chosen Manjaro. I have some concerns about Ubuntu that I feel cannot be reconciled. I may still try Mint Debian Edition just for game compatibility. Thanks for all those whom posted links to various resources, you've been a tremendous help.

Linux Mint is a great place to start for WinDOS converts. It's based on Ubuntu but more customizable and looks less terribad. It's quite intuitive and stable in my experience. Cinnamon is the desktop environment I went with, it's quite personal as there's something for everyone so there's lots to choose from.

We have some great resources in the first post of this thread for new Linux users!

1 Year Linux Challenge


Thanks for the info, looks like I have a long night ahead of me, hehe.

Visit and try out some linux flavours.

Ubuntu and its variants are a pretty solid place to begin with linux purely because of the massive community support surrounding the *buntu families.

For a beginner, the Linux-Bible is a start.


I am kind of torn between recommending linux mint and OpenSUSE here.

Linux mint is a great distro period. It is an awesome distro to learn on, to live with, and to use as a daily driver.

However, I noticed in the last episode, wendell was using openSUSE. Now IDK if he plans on sticking with openSUSE or not. If he sticks with it though, I recommend that you use it as well so that you can follow along.

OpenSuse is an awesome distro as well, but it is more technical.

The install process is only slightly more technical than linux mint, but setting up the computer will take some patience.

You do get rewarded for your effort though. You get YaST and 1 click install. Google them.

Wow these are pretty good resources, I appreciate it! Distrowatch looks like it could use someone to dig it out of 1995 though hehe.

Yeah, I noticed he was using OpenSUSE too, but I recall somewhere in the YT comments that he may also be doing some Ubuntu and Mint videos so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I switched to Linux Mint from Windows yesterday, it's great

I think Logan is using Ubuntu right now, or at least he was the other day.

Anyways, I'd also suggest trying out the different desktop environments as well. For example, the first time I ever tried Linux I was put off because I was using a desktop environment that didn't work for me. Once I looked into it, tried a couple, and found one I liked everything was better. Now I typically use Xfce, I believe Logan is using GNOME, and many people like KDE. It's like shoes, keep trying them on until you find one you like.

@OutcastCyborg ok ... so what you really should think about is whether you want to use linux or learn linux.

If your main goal is to use it for a bit, play around and see what's the beast looks like, you should pick from user-friendly distributions: Ubuntu, OpenSuSe, Mint or Kubuntu. These will be easy to set up and easy to use, but, when something blows up, your only option will be to reinstall.

On the other hand, if you want to actually learn how it all works (maybe you are IT student or developer), then you should instead go with: Arch, CentOS, Gentoo or Debian. You will have to read documentation and you probably will kill it twice before you make it play mp3 files. But in about a month will would be both skilled enough and confident enough to fix someone blown-up Mint setup =P