Transfering windows to ssd


I am planing to buy a low cost 128gb SSD and transfer my Win7 over.
I can't find any free software that might do that, and I know some manufacturers offer such software.
Is there a solution to this problem?

Usually SSD's come with Acronis that will do that for you

do you plan on transferring the entire installation or only the os?

entire: there are tons of drive cloning programs, not going to help with that

just os: many people prefer to simply do a fresh install and transfer whatever they need/ or delete the os files off the hard-drive if still using it


Your SSD should come with software to do it. But honestly I'd just go with a fresh install. Much less of a headache. 

I have too many multi-gigabyte programs that are downloaded on-line, from Xilinx ISE, visual studio, MplabX, all the way to Cryengine3 and Star citizen.. It takes a week to download all that and set up all the drivers for all the various Dev-boards and peripherals that I have, so a fresh install is very time consuming, especially when you have a 4Mbit Internet speed! It would be nice to do a fresh install, but it takes too much time. I've seen tricks with doing windows backups and such, but then I would need to borrow an extra hdd to do the backup.