Transfer files from a Windows pc to a Linux PC on the same network

I can’t believe I’m asking this, but I have no other alternative. I’ve looked at everything and nothing’s making sense to me.

My friend wants to transfer some large files to my machine because he’s reformatting and joining to Linux.

He is running Windows Vista, and I’m running Ubuntu 18.04.

In my CLI I can use smb to see his computer over the network. That’s perfectly fine, I’m not scared to use the CLI. And I can transfer files to his computer perfectly fine. But what I’d like to do is be able to transfer files from his computer. The only drive I have big enough to store his files is my home directory. Which is sadly a separate drive formatted as ext4. Which Windows can’t see. I’ve gotten his computer to see my one NTFS drive, but that’s not big enough to store his smallest files. It’s like only a 300 gig drive. His smallest file is 450 gig. And he’s got 6 of them. My home drive is 4TB so I’m not worried about space.

Is there any way, other than buying large expensive thumbdrives to move his files over to my drive? Either from my machine, or from his over the network? Am I overlooking something here? Or overthinking it?

You could set up an SFTP server on the linux machine and use FileZilla or WinSCP to access it from his computer, then transfer the files that way. Not sure if it is the easiest way but that gets around the EXT4 problem at least.

I was going to suggest winscp too. I think it comes with the putty package.

Edit: I am wrong about winscp coming with putty. It’s its own thing. It’s been too long for me I guess.

I think certain putty packages come with winscp.

I think I am remembering the command line tool pscp.

Although if he is formatting anyway, couldn’t he just bring you his hard drive, you mount it, and pull whatever files he wants?

We were hoping to avoid that, but if it’s the easiest option, I guess it will have to work. I just figured with my machine already on the network there would be an easier option than tearing his rig apart to get to the hard drive. The case he has is super old, and has the drives buried under the motherboard for some dumb reason. It’s like super old and is a literal desktop design where the monitor sits on top. He has modern hardware in the case, but he’s just tired of having to tear it all apart to get to the drives. But if that’s the only viable option, then I guess that’s it. Unless someone else has a different idea.

Assuming your housing gnome have you tried just turning on file sharing in the settings? I’m sure that’s a thing.

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:astonished: !? That’s a thing?

Yes, yes I am using Ubuntu’s default Gnome implementation. Gonna search for that now.

If this is a thing, I’ll be angry at my self for not searching for such a simple thing. Will Windows see it as a shared drive on the Network? Cause if it’s that friggin simple, I"ll be amazed.

I’m sure I saw something about sharing folders etc. But I’ve not checked. And I don’t know what it uses, i.e. SMB or something else.

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Oh my freaking god. I am such a goddamned idiot…

When you right click a folder in the file browser in Ubuntu you get a bunch of options. About three quarters the way down there’s an option that says: “Local Network Share.” You click that, and then in the box that pops up, you click the tick box next to “Share this folder.” It will install what you need from Samba and you should be sharing this file over the network after you name it, if you decide to rename the share folder.

I’m sorry guys. I asked a question, and the answer was staring me in the face already. I swear I looked at this for nearly 3 hours.