Trading Nvidia Geforce $150 Hawken,WT,Planetside 2 in game money code


I just bought a new EVGA gtx 680 classy and it came with a $150 Hawken, World of Tanks and Planetside in game money code($50 for each game). I really don't play this games so If any of you got a different code and are more interested on this one or alredy have the game or games you got, I'm willing to trade my game code for yours.

Eitherway thanks for reading.


Hi Wes,

I'm an avid player of World of Tanks. I got the same promotion as you did, but only the Hawken code remains. Would you accept to trade it for your 50$ code of WoT?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Zer0,

I'm looking mostly to see if someone that has a steam game code or other games that would be interested to trade for my code since i know amd was doing assasins creed, farcry 3, crysis 3 and so on. Some people might alredy have them and would like to trade.  In the end if no one want to trade I might just give the games a try, are they pretty good?

I really like the slower playstyle of World of Tanks...didn't play Panetside 2, although I heat good things about it. Hawken is too fast, with too much going on on screen for my taste.

If you ever change your mind, I'll always be open to trade. ;)

Have a good one!

Dude...You necro'd a 3-year-old post about a code that most definitely has expired if it's not been used. Don't do dis!

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