Trading Arma 3 codes

I have 3 arma 3 codes and I was just curious if anyone had anything to trade me for them? 

i have a spare dungeon defenders + a bunch of dlc laying around (i'm not 100% sure it works, 97% sure it does)

DOTA 2! I just do not want to trade a game for a alpha lite code that will only last for like 3-4 months.

thats still awhile..... but I understand what youre saying and I already have dota 2 :$ overlordnick whats your steam name I'll add you

steam is same, if you want to trade i'll send you mine first, becuase like i said not 100% sure

I added you

*Update 2 left

I have Assasins creed 3, is it codes for the Alpha ? 

yeah its for the alpha lite

my thread^ but yes its for alpha I'll probably give someone the beta too though when it comes out 

I'll do it if you want 


Duration of alpha

your call