Trading 2x8gb for 4x4gb kit

Hey, Well I originally bought 2x8gb since I only had a quad channel motherboard incase I needed to upgrade later, Well now I have my x79 board it has 8 slots so it'd be nicer to have 4x4 since it doesn't exactly like dual channel too much.

If anyone would care to trade their 4x4gb kit for a 2x8gb kit do tell, I'd perfer 1.5v 4x4gb atleast 1600 of some mainstream brand eg. corsair, g.skill, mushkin.

I would just get a second 2x8GB kit.

Normally I would but I just got sleeved PSU cables and a case side window, so I don't really feel like dropping another $100 on 32gb of RAM that won't get utalized.

I've got 2x4gb of 1866 gskill... xD lol

Did you use MDPC-X sleeve? I will be getting sleeve from him for my system in a few days.


would trade but i dont know if my xms 3 ram with ecc is compatiable if it is im down to trade aslong as your ram does not have big heat spreaders. clerance issues with my heatsink make it so i have to have lower profile ram.

edit never mind looked at pic on new egg heatspreaders are to big

Naw, I'm not sleeving my own cables, Well I might do it to some of my other cables in the future but for now I just ordered 24pin, GPU and CPU power cables Bitfenix Alchemy in all white. As much as I would want to sleeve them myself, you can't get as clean of cables as the bitfenix ones, they don't even show any heatshrink, sosexy.jpg

Works great here too xD

oooohhhh ramz