Trade/sell: Graphics Card CPU, PSU, RAM Game Codes

Hey guys! I've got some pretty old computer parts that I'd like to trade. Everything has been carefully extracted and boxed/ packaged, and was never abused. Will trade for Steam game codes, old camera equipment, like a decent camera, lighting equipment, etc. Electronics, anything at all, just comment or private message! Here's the stuff I got!

-HIPRO HP-P3527F3W 300W Power supply

- HT2000 MCP61PM-AM Motherboard


Hmmm. I'm getting a 7970 that comes with Bioshock, Crysis 3, and Far cry 3 blood dragon. Definately keeping the bioshock since I haven't picked it up yet. Wouldn't mind a spare 8800GT for other computers. Let me know if you want Crysis 3 and/or farcry 3 blood dragon. I'll keep this in mind

I just bought a 7970, and mine only came with Tomb Raider and Bioshock, hopefully you get all four though. I'd like to give Crysis 3 a shot. :)

I would love the cpu ram and psu,but don't think i have anything you would want lol.

I'd love that DDR 2 RAM but I don't think I have anything that you would like. I have many copies of DOTA 2 to give away but they're free xD

And the PSU of course, that would help a ton  :P

I was thinking i have a 2 games in steam i can gift,CS:GO and cod4,even if you don't want those mabye we could work out something,cause i really need those parts.

DDR2 is sold, but I still have the PSU. Do you have anything to Trade? codes?

DDR2 is sold, but I still have the PSU. Do you have anything to Trade? codes?

Do you still have the  cpu? I have cod4 & cs:go in steam that i can gift.


Sorry bud, sold CPU on eBay for $25.

Well i could also use a the psu,do you still have it? if so would you be willing to trade it(including shipping to texas)for both of those games?

The games cost 35$ to buy right now.

I can't buddy, open to trades, but neither game sounds fun. Anything else to trade?

Very open minded with trading btw, it could be anything.