Trade possibly?

To anione out there i have a few items up for trade.. note these items are not from my disfunctional pc.. these are  similar parts but owned by my friend who wants something else
up for trade/ sale
Intel celeron g555 lga1155  (actually decent processor for only 50 bucks)                                                                         PowerSpec h62h2-wm  lga1155 h61 chipset supports celeron/pentium/i3,i5,i7                                                                WD 640 gb sata 6gb/s                                                                                                                                                        make an offer on anithing and ill ask him if he will accept.. he really wants an a4 processsor and motherboard and 8-up gb of ram for the lot... and if it helps ill throw in a 2 gb stick of ddr3 pny xlr from my broken system to sweeten the deal as hes my best friend...