Trade My Steam Games

  •  games have been traded no longer have them

i have a few keys left over for steam if anyone wants to trade

darksiders 1

red faction armageddon + DLC

titan quest

We could get two of those games for a dollar ourselves if we wanted...

Umm not to be a burden but we could EASILY get all these games in the newest Humble Bundle for dirt cheap...

yea was hopen others had extras from there last humble bundles or older games to trade if they dont have them or miss the deal themselves,

If you had Bastion I'd trade but I already have all the games you wanna trade, sorry


what about sleeping dogs? though I already activated it, I hope I can still trade activiated games

if its your first copy then its bound to your acount but if its not ur first then its possible it could end up in ur steam gifts

give ya 75 cnets for all