[Trade] Crysis 3 Origin Code

I built a computer for a family member and the 7870 came with an Origin code for Crysis 3. Trouble is neither I nor the person I built the system for want or need the game (I already have it). Origin doesn't have a gifting system like Steam does, so I figured I would throw this out here and see if anyone wanted to trade something for it.

What are you looking to trade for?

A steam game/gift would be ideal.  I have been slowly building up a library of games.

Sounds good, I have steam games I can give you (we can figure out some sort of trading thing.) I have all the Company of Heroes 1 games, Darksiders, all the GTA games, The Polynomial (simple game I personally don't like it), Ravaged, Red Faction, Armageddon, Titan quest, and Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War.


Pick and choose what you want. Not the most appealing of games to be had today, but you can have multiple of them :P 

I have always been interested in Company of Heroes.  Add me on Steam and we can work out a deal.  Steam name Tubson57.

I sent you a friend request earlier. Add me and then let's figure something out.