[TRADE]Borderlands 2/Left 4 Dead 2/ Rise of the triad / Chivalry Medieval Warfare for

I have some games in my inventory left over from the steam summer sale, They include.


Left 4 Dead 2, Borderlands 2, Rise of the Triad, Chivalry Medieval Warfare.


Looking to trade for


Bioshock Infinite Season Pass

Pay Day 2

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition

Grid 2

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

Natural Selection 2


Will listen to other offers.


I will trade tombraider for chivalry

Lets do it ;)



would you be interested in bioshock 1/2 for rott?

I have a cod 4 cd and key if thats any use

I WANT TO PUNCH MYSELF IN THE FACE !!!! I activated the game on steam so i could gift it to you through steam but it instantly added it to my library. Is there a way i can contact steam to change this or have is taht it

Im going to save trading one of those for grid 2. Its a very bad game do not waste a good game for it. VERY VERY BAD game it is.

I'll take it add me on steam ograssman

All these games I got are extras from 4packs I purchased.





BTW anyone have a cdkey for unrealtournament 2003?





BL2 & LFD2 for Tomb Raider and Far cry 3 blood dragon? :P

I already have blood dragon but will gladly take tomb raider.




Traded L4D2 and BL2



Left with Rise of the triad and chivalry


edit 2


Only Chivalry remains.

Chivalry for tomb raider

Would you take The Showdown Effect for it?

I have Terraria, Don't Stave, and Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army. I'll trade any of those for Rise of the Triad.

sorry guys all games taken.