Tracking Laptop Far-Fetched But Worth A Try?

Hi all.

This morning my friends house was broken into and they stole his laptop. It was "asleep" when they took it and he has changed all his passwords.

I have a few inquiries about a way to possibly track or find out its location through connections my computer has to it, most namely LogMeIn hamachi. Sadly he doesn't have actual LogMeIn remote access but we had hamachi and his laptop is on my hamachi network. Of course, it only shows a connection when he has hamachi open, which he didn't when it was stolen, but the engine that hamachi runs on auto starts on bootup.

So in the case that the thief or thieves didn't already wipe the disk and at some point may be trolling around his unlocked computer, would there be a way to get a location out of it or anything like that using hamachi or anything else?

Thanks In Advance, ~Tas

You'd probably be able to find the IP address that the laptop is connected to through Hamachi, but I'm not sure how far that would get you.

When I open hamachi it says no connection and I can't ping it but it Does say I can ping "164-573-277.local"

which I assume is the Ip address it gets from the computer but I am probably wrong, however when I click that, nothing happens that I can see.

A bit late, but this is why I have this on all my devices:

Check google location history if the laptop had chrome installed and he had an account.