Tracer's Legal Perspective Special: Cosplay, Fan Art, and more

Greetings Everyone,

I've been doing research on Cosplays, Fan Art, Fan Edits of Films, Fan Films, Fan Trailer, Fan Games, Fan Remakes, Let's Plays, and Mods from a legal perspective. I wanted to know how legal are they.

I filmed a video to share what I found and give my opinion from a legal perspective.

The following is the link to the video that I uploaded to Twitch first [I"m not going to post the video link itself because twitch autoplays]:

Legal Perspective Special: Cosplay, Fan Art, and more video

The video is 45 minutes long.

Since it is late for me, I'll be uploading the video to youtube on Thursday and post it here when it's ready.

Note to mods: I wasn't sure where to put this so I put it under blog.


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I was curious where something like Cinema Sins on youtube falls, is that fair use due to them critiquing/ making fun a movie?

Yes. That does fall under fair use.

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