TR2950X Overclocking (on Linux)

Hello all,

I am making my first attempts at actually overclocking my 2950X after a little more than a year of running it stock. The CPU is living in an ASRock X399 Taichi with a be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 cooler. My case is a Meshify C with five intake fans and one exhaust.

I was able to achieve a nominally stable 4.2GHz at 1.3V, but 4.3GHz required 1.45V. The scattered variety of internet knowledge I could scrounge up suggests that Zen+ should not be run at >1.4V for daily use and longevity. My motherboard seems to agree, as the value text for VCore changed to red once I entered 1.45. Haha.

Anyway… I’m curious about this because my chip topped out at a mighty 53’C in my 24-25’C ambient office. The fans were barely making an effort about it. And yet, this proposed maximum power draw (seemingly validated by system stability only being achieved through the power bump) is dangerously high? If not excess heat, then what is going to cause excess wear on the CPU at this voltage?

And as a bit of homework/followup for me, I’ve been trying to find a way to monitor CPU VCore in Linux, but have had little success. The nearest I could manage was this app: steckdenis’ threadripper-monitor (sorry - I can’t post links). This tool proposed that my CPU package peaked at 255W and my CPU core peaked at 180W during a five-minute run of stressapptest. Are there any other tools to directly monitor the CPU’s power draw? Preferably, something that gives a straight readout of voltage and/or amperage. =)

Thanks in advance!


Oh, and sensors shows my VCore at 728.00mV no matter what load the CPU is under, and none of the other lines offering V or mV measurements seem near enough 1.45V to be correct.

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