TPP Trans-Pacific Partnership

I think this may have already been brought up in The Tek, but just in case...

Corporations are back at it again, trying to censor the internet. Surprise!

This time they are trying to sneak it in through a very secretive trade agreement: the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership).

You can read more about it here:

Or watch this great interview on DemocracyNow about it:

There are a lot of other bad things about this trade agreement, but I thought the internet issue in particular would hit home here.


I hate to revive a dead thread but out PM is off in a week or so to sign this apparently!

As an Australian it pisses me off that America has concocted this. Notice it effects us Aussies, NZ etc not just the States, grrr. LOGAN RANT 30 TIME part 2 perhaps!!!!


Here is the original vid from last year,


Logan, Wendell, besides sign a petition what the heck are we to do when the date is so close?!

News in Australia via a petition ( that the Abbot government is looking to go ahead with the TPP but no details at all have emerged, except from those provided by Wikileaks in November of last year regarding the 'Advanced Intellectual Property' chapter of the TPP (

As an Australian I am worried for my country and concerned about how this will affect the future of the Internet, employment and IP controls of things like pharmaceuticals.

It seems that coverage in the US waxes and wanes based on available information but here in Australia there has been almost no coverage at all (  

Apparently in June Tony Abbot will be visiting the US to discuss the TPP ahead of the G20 summit later this year in Brisbane, Australia (

The G20 is coming up now. Seems this will go under the rug while the PM uses the cliche US led vilification of Russia be the focus. Nothing like Cold War Era scape goating.

Not to necro-post, but really urgent news just broke regarding the TPP. The investment chapter of the document has been leaked on WikiLeaks today and it is worth looking at.