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So I just saw this is a thing. Toyota give 20% service and MOT discounts for owners of cars over 5 years old.

I like this kind of thing. My little Toyota has been doing me well and its overdue for a proper service.

Just thought id share, im not sure if other car companies have similar options?


Toyota takes good care of their customers.
My apprenticeship was at a Toyota dealer. The customer care is outstanding, given you have you car serviced at an authorised shop.

But even for cars that haven’t been at a dealer ever, gets great support if it’s a well known error.

An example, Toyota Denmark found out that the front wishbones on the 2nd gen Avensis was a bit to prone to rotting. After 10 years…
So on all 2nd gen Avensis, if we could make a dent in the wishbones with a hammer, both front sides were replaced free of charge, including a 4 wheel alignment. On a 10-12 year old car.

I’ve also worked at a VW dealership. Their customer care sucks.
So your 1 year old Tiguan with DSG transmission shakes when it sets off due to RUST on the flywheel? Suck to be you. They didn’t care. Only when threatened with lawsuit did they do aomething about it.

Meanwhile Toyota has been the highest ranked for the latest +8 years here in Denmark at customer satisfaction.


I went from an older RAV4 to a new model (used) Tiguan, so this post is a little depressing to read. I still have an old Tercel, it works perfectly well and it was sat for 2 years in an underground parking lot.

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we can’t milk people on maintenance/repairs for any components these days, especially people without new cars. This the beginning of our transition to competitive maintenance pricing.


To be honest their prices aren’t that bad, you can save a bit with a mechanic who will use other parts etc or don’t mind taking a hammer to things. But I’ve found their service and MOT services to be pretty good, and this just makes them more competitive. There’s no obligation to have repairs done by them just because they do the service or MOT either.


Dumb question here: What’s MOT?

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A mandatory road worthiness test for cars of a few years old. Just to make sure the cars are safe to drive on public roads, and you know give mechanics an assured stream of things to fix on a regular basis.


I’ve had 6 Toyota’s and 5 of other brands. At the moment I have a 1992 Land Cruiser HDJ80 550.000 km, 2019 Corolla Hybrid 21000 km, 2002 Corolla 89.000 km. They always start and I can always get parts at local shop. Everything was in order, every time I went to local Toyota shop. The other brands I experienced, always something wasn’t how it was supposed to be or just a half assed job.

With new corolla we got the service deal included, really happy about that one. We get full Europe road service with replacement car in case of breakdown, so we can continue on our way, while our own car is transported home. Everything with buying this car was simply tip top.

My translation for their actions.

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Can I pay them to fix the frame in my D21? /S