Tower compatibility

Is tower compatibility a issue? I am building a computer and am wondering if the tower madders? Could I buy a 30 dollar tower and have it preform as well as a 60 dollar tower? PLEASE HELP! Im looking to spend 25-30 dollars on a tower an ideas?

It really depends on what you'll be putting into the case.  If you're getting a really long video card, then yeah you'll wanna make sure the case supports big video cards.  Also, depending on the type of motherboard you get, you'll want to make sure the tower supports it (ATX, mATX, E-ATX, etc)

Both of those features will be listed under the tower's "description".  Like my case I bought specifically said "supports video cards up to 13" in length)

Also check for the number of fans it supports.  If it only has one fan (exhaust), then it's junk.  I prefer at least three case fans minimum

It does matter in more than one way, first off are you gonna want USB 3? And does your motherboard have a USB 3 header? Other than that you can get some pretty nice towers for sale this time of year

Thanks so much answerd my question!