Toughts on Ga-970a-ds3p, overclocking and crossfire

Would you recommend this board for me, i have r9 270 oc, fx 6300 and 8 gb 1600mhz RAM.
Can i overclock well with it ?
And how does it handle crossfire.

Btw is it better to have 4 or 2 ram sticks if you are not going to upgrade 

Crossfire is not supported. Add to that crossfired 270's (7870s) can be a headache.

Overclocking wise that board is very limited due to its power delivery capabilities. A slight push without additional voltage is all I would personally do.

2 sticks of ram vs 4 sticks depends on the board quality and on how good* the cpu is. If a cpu is heavily overclocked the less sticks the better for stability.You currently have 8gb, that is more than enough so I honestly would worry about it.

If it were me and I was looking at upgrading anything it would be and I assume that this system is primarily for gaming is sell the 270 and buy a stronger gpu (ie r290). That of which will depend as well on the strength of your psu. 

i would not realy recommend this board, 4+1 powerphase and not the best quality vrm´s, to its not realy ideal for overclocking, you could maybe get a slight overclock, if you have the newest revision of it, with heat spreaders on the vrm´s and chokes, But still it would be not realt ideal.

Im personaly not a big fan of Gigabyte am3+ boards in general, cause they have/had alot of issues with overheating laggy bios, and connectivity problems in the past.

I personaly prefer Asus boards, Basicly for a FX6300 the Asus M5A97 R2.0 with 4+2 powerphase digi vrm, is a good board for that cpu, but for crosfire its better to grab a 990FX chipset board. cause these boards have more pci-e lanes, that will you letting run a crosfire on X16 speeds. 970 chipset boards in general have 2 pci-e slots one X16 and one X4 so you can only run crosfire at X4, so its not the most ideal case.

So long story short i would recommend a decent 990FX chipset board if you want crosfire.

Don't overclock on that board,4+1 = nope nope nope

Though I agree with everything you say regarding Crossfire headaches and overclocking with that board, it DOES support Crossfire.

  • 2 PCI-E 2.0 x16 interfaces with AMD CrossFire support

Yes offcourse it supports crosfire, but in most 970 board cases, only at 4x gen 2 speed.

i think djeeta was confusing with SLi, cause Sli indeed does not work on X4.

so i cant overclock to max full potential with this one. OK, right now i am running r9 270 OC on asus p5b a 7 years old mobo i guess asus really does make good stuff 

oh and same question but for Asus M5A97 because i will never do 3 or 4 way anything 

do i look like im make of money 

What are these toughts?

googled wrong board on my phone. my bad. still crossfired 270's is a bad idea.

If you are looking for something fairly cheap for over clocking Gigabyte's new GA-970A-UD3P mobo ( ) is your best bet it has a 8+2 power phase good for oc'ing but its still a 970 chipset so i dont recommended crossfire you need a 990FX mobo if you whant full speed crossfire.

same story as i said above, all 970 chipset boards, as far as my knowledge goes have a X16 and X4 pci-e slot, you can CF on that, but like i said on X4 its not realy ideal.

With a 990FX chipset board, you are able to run  2 gpu´s at X16.

But yeah it also depends on the resolution you playing, cause of scaling.