Touch Screen Laptop + Stylus advice

My SO is currently looking for a laptop for grad school and needs some input on options. They’re currently looking for a 14-15.6" laptop that they can take notes on with a stylus. Most likely 4+ cores and 8+ GB of RAM for a lot of data modeling in R. And not 100% needed, but they prefer Ubuntu as an OS.

I haven’t done much with touch screens or styluses before, so I could use some advice on what programs work well for taking notes / annotating papers and if they’re Windows only or have decent Linux compatibility. And anything else I’d need to know about styluses.

surface pro? If you want linux on it, there’s a kernel I found on github that gets the pen and touchscreen working

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there’s a video about putting Linux (Ubuntu) on a Surface done by Wendell. Not sure how much has changed since then.

A thing that immediately came to mind about laptops and touch input is the wobbly screens.

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