Total War Rome 2 unplayable?

Can anyone give me input on what mashines and what settings they are playing?

On my pc this game barely runs on medium all filters and enhancment,s off.

I play on extreme preset at 1440p, with a GTX 780 and a 4770k overclocked to 4.4.

I find the game pretty playable, but I get dips when I zoom in during a battle. During the in-game benchmark test, I get one severe downward spike, whilst the rest of the benchmark runs smooth. It just requires some optimisation.

This isn't unusual for a Total War release. Because of the game design, you need to play it and break it, run it on a range of different hardware, before they can fix it with patches. It's going to be different for everyone. Some people complain about loading times and the map "being too large". However, my machine is able to load in under 5 seconds.

All Total War games back to Empire were the same.

Really enjoying the game, I've clocked up 60hours of gameplay already.

Thought I would bring some additional information, and a possible fix for you.

It turns out that much of the performance issues people are having with the game are not the fault of the developers. Both AMD and Nvidia have failed to support the game in their latest drivers.

I had been running the game fine until they introduced a new patch in the past day. I decided to browse the Total War forums for a fix, or any possible news.

I was advised to try the new Nvidia Beta drivers 326.80 and that driver has stopped my game from lagging when I zoom in. The results are incredible, and it seems to work brilliantly for other people.


It's a huge shame that this game has had a number of negative reviews as a result.

I for one, only dislike the AI in the game. Outside of that, it's a fun game to play.

I think it is 100% over Shogun 2, personally. The AI is still somewhat limited, but has improved capabilities. These weekly patches promise a fair amount of balancing and such.

How are you finding the new interface, with the politics and additional features?

The more I explore the game, the more I prefer the new system. In comparison to the building queues et cetera. I think the game begs to be explored. I became more involved with the politics mechanic when I actually bothered to view the factions page.

I've got a 6970 @ 975 Mhz and a FX-4100 @ 4.2 Ghz. I get around 20 fps on low @ 900p in battles, map, and diplomacy tabs. This is also the same fps I get at extreme and there's no difference in appearance so I think something is wrong on my end that I need to look into. It was playable for around the first 5 hours but then the wait between turns started getting around 5-7 minutes and I haven't felt like dealing with that. It's a fun game but with my 2 jobs, college starting, and all that other stuff I'm just waiting for them to patch it all up.

I have a 770 and a 3770k clocked at 4.2, game gets 60+ fps in the in-game benchmark with the optimized Nvidia settings.

Damn you all have supercomputers. But i can identify with Alkaidwolf

Well, they did promise that this game could be played on low end hardware. I have been watching videos which points out much of what they failed to deliver, things that they promised. It's actually pretty surprising.

What are you actually using? My friend can run this game on an APU with a 7790.

There's one beta performance patch which fixes campaign map performance. I think the following patch will boost battle FPS. That's the one thing that's currently affecting me.

Many of these AI issues, or open field "capture points", other complaints people have, are not actually appearing when I've played the game. Nor the huge loading times for battles or campaign movements.

Just started today, no cool political/religious system, no cool family/general system with awesome traits/retainers, no generals speeches, even the city management has been stripped right back. I can't figure out how to customize your denari limit for custom battles (leaving you with virtually no choice when it comes to unit roosters). I have been playing total war games for like a decade now and I have to say i think this is the worst one yet.

My units just fall apart(break formation) whenever they attack and it just becomes a massive 1v1 brawl, not how it is supposed to happened. I feel like they just blew all the money on marketing and mocap. Angryjoe made a good review off it. I got kicked out of the tutorial too (waited like two turns to replenish army) then it wants me to start it all over again...


**EDIT** Also my game updates and there is no update log so I have no idea what they are changing **EDIT**

Im using an [email protected]


2X GTX660ti TOC 3gb 

I know that the game doesent have sli suport but still its unplayable for me.

I'm surprised to hear that's unplayable. I know people with worse hardware that can play the game.


I believe they are launching a big performance patch today. They released patch 1.5 to deal with some of the campaign lag, which even I was experiencing.

Download patch 2.0 on Steam.