Toshiba Touch Screen Laptop Screen Repair

So I might be doing a screen replacement for a Toshiba c55dt-a5106 touch-screen laptop. To my knowledge, the screen is simply cracked. I've done non-touch screen replacements numerous times and am familiar with the process. I was just wondering if the process might differ when doing a touch-screen laptop. What parts would I need to consider when replacing the screen to restore full touch functionality? Anything helps, including links to parts.


If it's anything like the iPhone's screen it may have a glass layer over the LCD for the touch function. If so the LCD underneath may not have been damaged, in which case you'll only need to replace the glass panel.

This looks like the right one.

^ This. ^

The digitizer and LCD are different parts of the screen assembly. It's possible that one or both parts have been damaged and need replacing. If both appear to be damaged, this could be a situation where you are better off finding a complete assembly (LCD top cover, bezel and hinges included) and swapping the entire thing.

Not that I doubt your abilities, but just as a suggestion for making the process easier and less time consuming.