Toshiba laptop

Gys i have a toshiba l310 .model no. PSMLoL-01E005

i would like to know wether this bios update  is for my laptop?

link :


sorry wrong model no its PSMEoL-01E005

what is it? a  satalite ? satalite pro ? tecra?



yeah i wanne know which model it is, on part number i can´t find anything...

Satalite xxxx? there most be a model name some where like Satalite L500D  or something like that. you can also use the serial number on the back of the laptop, (not model nr)  on the laptop support page. and search for drivers.

Satelite l310. Model PSMEoL-01E005 

as far as i can see, the link you posted above contains a bios update for the satalite L310 and L310 pro, so that should be the one.

What happenes if its not the right bios update ?