Torvalds: Nvidia Fuck You! skip to 0:48:15.

I just wanted to share you this. Basically a woman in a press conference (or something like that) asked Linus Torvalds why Nvidia had not worked well with designing their cards for linux and their weak support for linux. Linux said fuck you to Nvidia.

And here he says some thing interesting as well 1:01:13. BTW if somebody is interested I read about it here 


I think support for Linux is mostly lacking from the hardware companies, not developers.

I am rolling, wow!

yeah, i watched the whole hour and something long interview.... basicaly the woman was saying how she was disapointed that her laptop that had 2 gpu's with the nividia optimus chip had terrible driver support. basicaly it took over a year to get support, and that was form a 3rd party project on git.

linus replied saying that nividia has been the worst company he has had to work with, as they do not want to give any more support than the bare minimum. "nividia, fuck you *middle finger*"


you would think Nvidia would be all up in linux seeing how popular linux servers are.

Hahahahaa that is quality!

I fucking laughed. Hard.

Start at 49:55 if your really lazy

I think this might all change soon with the windows 8 Appocalypse aproaching so from my point of view Nvidia is shooting them selves in the foot cause when people start switching to linux they might just jump to the first side that provides driver support

^Thanks for bringing up a 3 month old thread. And Windows 8 is awesome.

To follow up on the topic: Nvidia has released new drivers for Linux which I believe Logan pointed out in a video. So stop whining.