Torrent windows 7?

hey im building a computer but dont have a copy of windows 7. Ive heard of torrenting it but am not sure where to go for this or how to do it at all. any help would be appreciated  thank you.

Here is a link to legally download it.

Here is a link to the legit Daz Loader. (Not very legal)

I remember I had to reformat a laptop once, I put in the key on the bottom but a few days later it said it was not genuine so I just used the daz loader to activate windows using the OEM keys for that laptop, screw phone support.

Haha, yeah. The funny thing about it is that you can't really be bothered to feel bad about it either because you know they've already sold your information anyway.

If I install windows again using the ISO thing and then enter in the product code on the side of my computer will it work fine? I might just torrent it for sake of laziness.

Also anyone have any windows 8 torrents? I'd like to compare boot times with it and w7/


use privateVPN if your a US will get strikes if you dont

booth times are no noticable on a daly basis..just pick which is your better preference..THEN 8 handels your memory/ram better...uses less so you get to use more

im confused is there a way to put this on a disc or would it be easier to put windows xp on the computer then download this?


also what version of windows 7 is this? i would like a 64 bit one

Usually you can use an existing Serial Number or Activation Key from another installation of Windows on another computer, but sometimes Microsoft goes through and culls their databases and makes certain keys unavailable for multiple installations, while also actively disabling ones that are used overly frequently as it is a sign of a keygen being used, since most of them use less than a few thousand different possible keys.

If you have an install disc of Windows XP you can install that then try an in-windows upgrade to Windows 7, but I can't say if that would work any better for getting an existing key to work, it either does or it doesn't work. You can always get a not-so-legal patch which basically disables windows from occasionally checking back in with Microsoft's databases and it also disables the bits of Windows that check to see if it has been properly activated. This is one of the reasons that Microsoft so often releases updates, it tries to have Windows fix itself so that it will correct all your patching.

As far as the differences between boot times and memory optimizations, Windows 8 is actually better at both, but it isn't by a particularly tremendous amount, and if you already have 8 GB of RAM, you won't really notice the improvement. If you do switch to Windows 8, make sure you check out Classic Shell, then download a new icon for your start button (you can change this by right clocking ont he start button after installing classic shell, then choosing settings. After the settings window comes up, click on show advanced options then find the start button tab and open it, scroll down to custom start button image, choose image, and pick out whatever image you want that has all three button states vertically stacked in a bitmap or jpg file. I usually download the Windows 7 skin for it and use its button. Also, go back to the main settings page and select Windows 7 as the menu style.)

It is x64 windows 7 ultimate.

If you have a flash drive with enough capacity to store it that is the easiest way but you could put it on a disk or do the windows xp thing.

i have alot of steam games is this going to upgrade and keep my stuff or will it erase everything.. im referring to the post by teebler

Um, it depends on the copy of Windows you are looking at. Try mounting the ISO from within the copy of Windows you are currently running and see what pops up. It should give you the option to perform an upgrade at this point. If it doesn't, go find a different copy of windows. Using a virtual disc mounter will not affect the installation procedure, so you can use powerISO to mount it if you like. The windows installer will just create a demi-permanent paging folder will everything it needs to install windows, on the HDD. Steam will also allow you to redownload all of your games at no charge, although you will have to agree to their terms of service and make them aware that it is one of your computers by clocking through their validation procedure again. Do note that you should back up all of your save data if you intend on overwriting everything, as Steam does NOT keep this data for you. Any non-steam workshop mods will also not be kept, so back those up as well.

so i download both t hen open the iso with the windows loader?


i tried using virtual  clone drive to open this but it says that the virtual drive E is not a valid windows application how do you open this?

i tried using virtual  clone drive to open this but it says that the virtual drive E is not a valid windows application how do you open this?

daemon tools, power iso. and numeros other iso programms. some are free some are paid versions.

im confused how do i use these to open the iso image file?

those programms mount the iso to a fake cdrom drive that then allows you to use the iso image as a regular cd.