Tor not working

On my school network Tor is not working, I checked it and the files are not corrupted, and they block websites by controlling the DNS server by making the websites that they don't want you to see not show up, a man in the middle attack, so can any help

You could give dnscrypt a go ( although I'm not sure that tor uses DNS to connect to it's network. They're probably blocking it another way.

well what they do to block sites, are just claiming they can't access them, despite them working on other networks, also since other people have been using the VPNs in chrome they blocked the proxy port they function on

Okay, I just found out that they are using there original script that they bought and blocking the proxy port, so couldn't Tor get around that if I'm not mistaken.

I don't know much about how tor works as far as ports and protocols go, but if they're blocking the port that it uses there's not a lot you can do as you have no control over that.

yeah, but I was thinking tor would work because it would put all the traffic over http, and that would allow me to fly under the radar

if they are blocking the port, just change the port number it connects on. But they are most likely blocking the tor protocol. In that case just use a VPN.

wait, can't I just have a PC at home with openVPN and just plug that in to my router and get the internet I get at home?

Yep. If you go that route use port 443, if that doesn't work then change it to TCP aswell, but the default UDP will perform better.

that might work. Worth a shot at the very least.

If you're doing this on the school's computers then it's unlikely that you will be able to get an openvpn client to work.