Hey all,

I am wondering what the approximate value of a year old 7950 is at this time. If high enough I might sell it and pool that cash together with whatever I can scrounge up and get a MSI 770 4gb.

Or, would it be more wise to keep the card and mine crypto currency overnight and hopefully get some money out of it?

I figured if the price inflation of the AMD cards was still ridiculous, I might be able to sell it for 300 (The price I bought it for)

Any Ideas/opinions?

EDIT: Due to popular vote: I will keep the 7950 and OC it a small amount. Now should I risk my card mining or save it for games?

You can probably get $350 for it on ebay right now. Especially if it has a good cooler on it like an Asus Dc2 or Msi Twin Frozer. Even a stock cooler will pull in a lot of cash right now.

The 770 isn't a significant improvement in performance over the 7950, especially if you overclock the 7950. I got mine to 1150/1500 with no need to mess around with the voltage.

I'd at least upgrade to an R9 290 or GTX 780 if you want a new card.


Mostly want it for the extra gb of ram. The cooler on it is the Windforce and it is voltage locked from what I have heard. I have not yet dabbed in overclocking yet to test it.

Agreed. The 7950 is a nifty card. The boffins at AMD made the 7950 rather powerful for its price point.

The only thing i had to mess around with was the power limit increase. Had to change it from 20% to 50%.Card was being throttled at stock.

The GB WF cards are voltage locked but that dosent mean you cant oc it thay go up to 1100mhz on average.

What do you mean you whant the extra gb of ram? i have yet to use more than 2gbs of vram on my HD7950 even with a bazillon mods on skyrim.

4gbs of vram on a 770 is a gimmick you are never going to use that.

I have the same card, windforce 7950. It overclocks very well for being a voltage locked card. I can run mine at 1150 core, 1450 memory all day long and the gains are surprising (5-15%).

It's still a very good card. Just keep it. It'll handle just about any modern game on ultra at 1080p. What are you doing that requires more than 3GB v-ram? 

My Skyrim could use it. And I plan on grabbing a 1440p monitor in the future, and from what I can tell they require more ram.


Skyrim mostly. I also would like the 770 due to it supposedly being quieter. Seems I will dab in to Overclocking and keep my 7950. Now the question is: to mine or not to mine?

Quieter depends on the cooler in question.

Mining is up to you. Never bought into the whole mining scene.So i'm in no position to say anything.

The main killer of vram is fancy filters and AA going up to 1440p actually dosent make that much differnce if you are considering 1440p geting a actual card upgrade will be preferable 780/R9 290 a 770 is not a upgrade.

I figure if I mine a crypto currency that the masses have not caught on to I could make some cash when the price jets up. The cooler I am using is the Windforce, the MSI uses the Twin Frozr. I can usually deal with the sound it puts out though.

YACC? Good god.

My skyrim is pretty heavily modded and it runs with no issues. Haven't actually checked the v-ram usage yet, but I will do so and report back.

I just sold my 7950 on ebay for $325 and am upgrading to a gtx 780. This is definitely a good time to sell and upgrade.

Hm. Intresting.


With Mantle on the horizon and already being implemented with promising results thus far, I'm sticking with my AMD GPU.

The R9 280 (none x) has been announced! (its a relabled HD7950)

The R9 280 is the same 7950 we had last generation, from the Stream processor count of 1792, the ROP count of 32 and the same 3GB of VRAM.


I hope this is a beast mining card. Maybe if this is optimized enough, miners will choose this over the higher hash rate cards.