A friend of mines is in need of a good, 'long-lasting' gaming PC.

He plays his games on a 1080P monitor and he doesn't play on the highest of settings but the game has to be smooth and non-laggy.

He doesn't require an OS, monitor, peripherals etc.

On the other hand, he does require at least 1TB of HDD storage and a SSD which is able to hold the OS and thats it.

Thanks in advance



8320 + motherboard with sufficient power phases

R9 290 with an aftermarket cooler. Think the GPU comes with BF4

It's £810, approximately. Ideally, it could use another £20 spent on it with the intention of grabbing an aftermarket CPU heatsink. However, you could use the stock cooler that comes with the 8320.

The SSD is large enough for the OS and 2-3 choice games. It will cut the loading times of games that have particularly long loading screens.

Alternately, here is an Intel build with an i5 and a 280x: