I finally saved up enough for a new card and I cant decide which 7950 to get? My budget is around $330 or so? Any recomendations?

Any of the Radeon 7950's should be good. I got two MSI Radeon 7950 TwinFrozer III. They overclock like a beast and I haven't had any trouble with them:


Alrighty. I was leaning toward saphire for awhile but im kinda thinking the msi is looking good or maybe the gigabyte...any words on the gigabyte?

The gigabyte may be voltage locked, apparently the new PCB design changed an they are, id go with a Sapphire or HIS card, They are cool , quiet and OC like champs, and if you can find an unlocked Gigabyte id say go for it 110%

sapphire 7950 Vapor X

I can confirm that the MSI Radeon 7950 Twin Frozer III has its voltage unlocked. (I just tried through MSI Afterburner.) I'm not sure about the other cards, The only downside to this version of the card, is that sometimes it is a bit loud. However, it is not insanely loud, just enough to be noticable.

Looking at the other versions of the Radeon 7950, it appears that the Gigabyte model has the best cooling IMHO. 

I have the gigabyte model myself. Mine isn't voltage locked, though I'm not sure how relevant that is, as I bought it a couple months ago.

I agree with this, my cards are also a couple months old. So I'm not sure about the relavence of the MSI version.

so what cards are not voltage locked for sure? I will definitely by overclocking so I want something with the voltage unlocked. I am now leaning toward the gigabyte. does anyone know if the vapor x is voltage unlocked?

Grab an MSI Twin Frozr 7950. $310, and one hell of a card.

if you plan to stick it under water later on grab a reference design card. otherwise i really like the sapphire or msi variants.