So i was tinkin a budget pc build what would go like this, but i would also hope if you could give me some advice on what to mayby get insted

Bitfenix Merc Aplha $46

XFX Core edition PRO 550W 80+ Bronze $78

Corsair vengance 4Gb 1600mhz $34

XFX hd 7770 1gb dual fan $150 (i will put it on crosfire on summer or couple moths later)

ASrock 970 AM3+ extreme 3 motherboard with SATA6 $101 (also suports amd 8 core procesors crossfire really well and its a good motherboard over all)

Athlon II X4 640 AM3 3.00Ghz (i know its not the best procesor at the market but it seems to be the best 4 core procesor at the time and at the price)

So how would this pc preform. If i have enough money at sommar i will probably buy a FX 8350 and another hd 7770. But with this set up could i play games like battlefield 3 on 720p on medium, high or ultra. Im also paying for the local shop to assemble it for me because i found pretty cheap, but so what do you guys think about this system

Easily can play high setting.. Also, if you get a cheaper PSU, you can upgrade your processor 

here is a nice 500 build for you 


bout 31 over budget adjust as needed

you didn't even include a hard drive.

lol i always forget those most ppl have them laying around take out what you dont need and add one its just a suggestion i dont need a HDD which is why i havent been adding them to my builds