The Everlasting Gaze


I assume you meant to reply to the Music thread?

I hate to post this music video but. COME ON!

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Don’t we have this?

Or is it strictly for the year 1999

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I couldn’t resist. Dodges thrown fruits and vegetables

NOT THIS SONG AGAIN! Oh god this song was a cancer for like 6 years.

I won’t post any new metal LOL.

All the music was really good coming out in 1999. It’s sad that hardcore rap and hiphop started to actually decline after that. Pink Eminem DMX and Missy Elliot were probably some of the best hip op artist at the end of the century. Oh yeah and TLC. Actually too many to count. From every genre. Yes even Britney spears with hit me baby one more time. That song was catchy.

What a time LOL…but I don’t want to take anything away from EDM and the world of Metal. Each Genre has peaks and valleys and hip-hop is in a valley right now. What you guys think?

It’s been their so long I was at it’s funeral.