Top100 9900k in the Antec Torque ft. Gigabyte 2080ti | Level One Techs


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why is the box so big for the core i9?

there is no cooler… what am I missing?

Do an unboxing??

I need that wallpaper :slight_smile: any chance of a download link.

Paging @imaximus :smiley:

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@PendragonUK @wendell who what where? blinks

LEVELONETECHS Wallpaper Thread [4k and more]

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Did they just straight up rip off that cougar case?

Or was that not the first case like it?

Was thinking the same thing…

And Gamers Nexus did “reasonable” cooling with the 9980XE:

What’s the Acer monitor? 1440p or 4K?

Also, still need that song name for this one and the O11 Dynamic mod video.

Found the song:

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