Top Notch Mobo for Fx-8350

I needso need help choosing an excellent motherboard for the AM3+ socket. I've seen nice Asrock, MSI, and Asus motherboards, but I can't pick! Any suggestions?

if you plan to overclock go for a 990fx mobo, I have the Asus Sabertooth R2.0 990fx and its really nice.

IF you can find one, the ASRock Fatal1ty is a nice board too bad I think they have been discontinued.

Asus crosshair V Formula Z  990FX

Asus Sabbertooth 990FX R2.0

Asus Sabbertooth 990 FX gen 3 (is comming out soon)

Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0 <--- this is realy a good board to, and the cheapest one of the 3.

Logan used tha M5A99FX pro 2.0 in for the amd in his oc video AMD vs Intel

I have had a bad run with Gigabyte in the past, so I would stay away from them - ASUS is a good choice. Always have a nice spread of features and the current generation boards have nice power phase set ups.

Thanks. I'm going to go with the Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0

The sabertooth is a really good board for system stability and durability but it's not really meant for overclocking, i mean obviously you can overclock on it, but the hardware of the actual board is picked for durability rather than preformance.

Depending on how far you want to take the chip, i'd recommend any of the UD3/5/7 boards from gigabyte, the crosshair/forumula ROG boards from asus, or the msi GD80REV2.

All are great boards for overclocking, i'd say the differences you should be concerned with at that point is price/features other than overclocking/color scheme.

Good pick - happy building!

I use the M5A99FX with my FX6300 and I'm really happy with it.

In the same boat as you captain, tossing up between the ASUS board or the AsRock fatality for my 8350. The AsRock has dropped to $159 now in oz, just really hard to find one, The fatality is half the price of the ASUS but my god the ASUS is nice.