Top Free To Play games?

looking for some Free To Play games that i can try out. Im open to all types of games, The only Free to play game i play right now is League of Legends i think.

Any specific genres you are after?

I play all types im just trying to find some that this community has experience with and some that i can try out.



planetside 2

red eclipse

ghost recon online

Get steam there are lots of free games.


League of Legends

War Thunder

World of Tanks

Tribes: Ascend



Team Fortress 2 is the best.

Also keep an eye out for The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, and Hearthstone, both in closed beta but look really promising, played a little bit of mighty quest and it was fun, but got a game breaking bug early. has 'Beneath a steel sky' for free.

Eh Hearthstone needs some major improvements to be great, played some in the beta but right now it is pay to win and there isn't much you can do about it.

Very interested in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. I cant wait for the game to come out.

Suprised LoL has been mentioned but Dota2 hasn't.

War Thunder is really good especially if you've got some friends on ts to play with in historical.

Blacklight Retribution is one that I personally like for when I don't feel like using my brain.

Path of Exile

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Ok cool well I have played and enjoyed these games:

Planetside 2 - Sci-fi shooter

Tribes, Ascend - Shooter


Smite - MOBA

Dota2 - MOBA

Path of Exile - Similar to Diablo III


I don't see how it's pay to win when you are matched against players with similar matchmaking ratio.

I've been thinking about trying Blacklight, though what do you mean with that comment? Like its a brainless just straight up shooter with no tacts etc.?


Maybe later down the road it will be like that but if you first start and didn't buy a bunch of cards you can get matched up with people that just started and have bought a bunch of cards, its just my experience with the game playing against people with decks that have a bunch of really rare cards and I have pretty much only the ones you start with because I haven't spent money to get those high end cards.

If they have rare (as in actually, not blue ones) cards and you get matched against them, it means that those cards don't make them win more than you do.

Most of the better expert cards are common or rare. Epic and legendary cards are usually really situational and they don't guarantee winning in any way.

I have been playing warmode, it is a decent online fps game with a solid playerbase and fun gameplay. It does not have the best graphics, but it is good for a free to play game. Hope this helped :) .

A good F2P FPS is Dirty Bomb. It's an objective based FPS similar to Team Fortress 2, but with a parkour-ish movement system. Kinda reminds me of Quake.