Top Anticipated Games 2013/14

What New games are you guys looking forward to for 2013/14 and what your hopes are for the game or games. After the beta for crysis 3 its now a game I will be looking forward to with high hopes it also seems like they are not holding the cryengine back this time considering the awesome visual effects and the struggling of my gtx 670 to keep pace. This is just one game that is coming out in 2013 that I will be looking forward to along with a slew of other games such as Bioshock Infinite, Elderscrolls Online ,and Metro last light just to name a few. 

Muthafuckin' Dark Souls II!!  :D

That, and I'm excited to see the upcoming updates for Path of Exile. 

Watch Dogs.

Last of Us

I hate that last of us is only playstation sooooo much


Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch was fun. Omerta: City of Gangsters has been fun so far. Upcoming titles like StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, BioShock Infinite, GTA V and Daylight are on my list. Sure it won't end there but just off the top of my head.

Wasteland 2

COD 14

Elder Scrolls Online. But I'll just have to see how that turns out. 

Also, a good year for RTS games. Rome Total War 2 AND Company Of Heroes 2. (both released by SEGA, curiously enough)

Also Star Trek Excalibur.

sim city 5. I dont know why but i have never wanted to play a game so bad.

I played the beta and it was really solid. It didn't let you get too into the game and you could only play an hour but it seemed pretty smooth. I'm pretty excited for it. If there is any flaw its that it seems like the cities will be sort of small.

did it have any objectives that u have to accomplish?

Ehhh not really. It was kinda like you play through the tutorial. I'm sure there will be objectives but it didn't really have any you can do. It was mostly like "hey we have a fire in the city, build a fire department here so they can put it out" then it lets you play the game for an hour. It lets you play as many times as you want but it kicks off after an hour and only lets you build basic buildings. Like I said it seemed pretty smooth and simpler than the older ones. Not really easier, but important info seemed eaiser to find and stuff like that. Kinda hard to explain but I would recommend it for sure. I really should have done a video review on it. Again my only fear is that it the cities might be a little small, but its possible that maps could be way bigger in the actual game. Another cool thing I liked is you can really interact between your cities a lot more. One map will have lots of resources like coal, and another might have no coal, so you will buy the extra coal from one city and have it shipped to the other for your coal power plant. You also can set up commuting between cities for work. 

Reactable, I have never heard of Daylight before you mentioned it. So I looked around the internet for some info on it. There is very little info about the game but just by poking around the game's official site I am really looking forward to playing it. Thanks for mentioning it :)

As for the games I am looking forward to this year, other than the one I just mentioned, well there is really only one and that is the standalone version of DayZ :)