Top 5 Tips for Counter Strike: Global Offensive for Noobs

With the summer sale that just went on and for all the people just getting into PC gaming, we have brought you tips for CS:GO. It's also great if you have a friend that is just getting into the game, so please share.



I've actually been wanting to try to get back into CS. I used to play years ago and sucked horribly at it. Now being that I'll be coming from a COD background, I would probably suck that much more. lol I'll probably still try to pick up CS:GO when I can and give it a whirl. Thanks for the vid btw. Keep them coming! :)

I've recently downloaded the complete CS package after more than a decade absence from gaming... very much looking forward to playing a couple of hours a week.

Thanks man! I'll let my buddy know people are interested in seeing more of these. Good luck fragging

Thanks. Def gonna use these. I played CS Source a bit a long time ago. Got GO on the Summer Sale and yeah it wasn't good lol.


Check out the 3kliksphilip channel for csgo and mapping tutorials and 2kliksphilip channel for random gameplay

Any advice on how to perfect aim? I always seem to miss my mark 3/5 times.

what's your sensitivity/dpi? try lowering it

it's not impossible to do well with high sensitivity (most people will tell you otherwise), but it is easier to aim especially at longer distances with a lower sensitivity

That will help but you need a bigger area to move your mouse if you lower sensitivity.

Aiming is the top subject from what I can see in my friend's next script, so hopefully that will come out sooner than later.

for aiming, there are simple things like being at the right distance from your target depending on the weapon you are using and crouching to increase accuracy. also, take into account the recoil on some of the weapons.

Sensitivity is at 2.9. DPI is unchangeable at 800.

You'd want a 1600 dpi mouse at least.

Aiming is not an accuracy problem but a reaction time problem. Play some quake live up to a certain level and you will wreck anybody in CS (as long as you don't play with experienced players that know the maps inside out and time grenades/prefire properly). Reaction time can potentially beat map knowledge and in my opinion it's a clearer quantification of skill, but unfortunately they go hand in hand.

you think I'm bullshitting you I'll tell you this:

I started as gold nova 1 and consistently got better and reached DMG in 82 wins (probably ~80 losses, I didn't count but my win ratio was higher obviously). I then got bored. If you look at my profile and see that I'm silver and I intend to remain silver because it's more fun to go low


What about it was not good? I did not like the game at first, seeing as how I am a CS purist and have been playing it for 15 years. But after playing it more and trying out the competitive matchmaking, I love it.

With 800 dpi I would suggest something more like 1.5 or lower sensitivity in cs. I play at 600 DPI, and have mine set to 1.25. I do have a larger mousepad though, as well as have lots of time spent on the game to be used to it.

top tip: wait until the number of unique players drops to below 1.5 million again, then resume playing. With the Operation Breakout thingy going on right now to compensate Valve income for the lowering of the price of the game in the Summer Sale, there are over 3 million players, and the experience is pretty shitty, with server outages, long matchmaking waits, and a lot of obnoxious players, and with the new updates, the game is not always very stable, like some menus don't pop up when they're supposed to, the tab page glitches, some console commands glitch, there are freezes in games, and the latencies have taken a serious beating. Valve is having it's annual "sell all the things to the noobs" period. After ESL Cologne, it'll go back to normal probably (hopefully)...