Tools to mod a case?

Instead of spending quite a lot of money for a case that fits what im looking for i would like to modify a old case and turn it into a new one but i have no idea where to start with what tools to use, i probably will end up spending more on tools to mod a case but i would like the experience. I would like to add a window to the side and 120/140mm fans on the top. So can anyone help and provide some info on what tools to use?

Yes, you will be spending more on tools then on three, or four complete builds. What are the materials you wish to mod (Plastic/Aluminum/Steel/).

Unless you plan to start a "boutique PC" business don't even bother. Good tools, for various materials, the time required, and the cost of the finish (painting)...


Well i did some research and watched multiple youtube videos, which i shouldve done before i started this but i found out im going to need some kind of power drill or rotary tool with hole saws to cut the fan holes im still doing some research. I found this site which helped a lot with what to use and what i can do to a case.

it all depends on what you need to do, but a good start might be one of those electric occilating multi-tools, should do i decent job of cutting grinding and sanding, and can be found for around $30 or less

something like that would be good for cutting out a nice hole in the side panel, if you have a harbor freight near you their tools arent very good but the prices are amazing and 9 times out of 10 they'll get the job done

I found this but im not sure it will be compatible with hole saws --Power tool--- Then i found a set of hole saws ------Hole Saws---Then i found this cheap multi-tool that could get the work done with cutting through the thin walls of a case---Multi-tool--- I really wish i got more into tools but i have lived in a apartment over half my life but i got to start somewhere and of course there tools wont just be for modding a case i could easily find other uses so it wouldnt be a waste to get some tools.

Don't forget the small stuff (gloves, masks, since most pc plastics/metal are toxic, or use toxic pains). Also the big stuff, like a workbench, and a well-ventilated area for the paintjob.

I am assuming you want a case that passes ECC, and North American, regulation. Also that it could pass a modding judge, at a modding contest...

If you only want to cut some holes...$100/$200 should be enough, assuming you have to buy all the tools. Also remember that the first time is always awkward, and clumsy ;)...Be prepared to just fuck-up...Always remember safety, cutting plastic/metal will produce toxic dust fragments, and splinters...

So for a basic mod: Cable braiding kit/ dremel/ drills/ finger files/ heat gun/ jigsaw/ blow torch/ rivet gun/ workbench with at least one vise...This is assuming no paintjob.



Nah i would just do it for fun and i know painting one could take some work but ill have to look more into that.

I use a dremel with cutting and grinding tools, a cardboard box (recommended by everyone for cutting cases.) 

With some skill, you can cut a circle with a dremel cutting wheel. 

A cheap drill will work for making small screw holes.

I use spray paint for my case, use a protective coating after to seal it in.

You really dont need expencive things. You can go cheaper, it just takes more time and skill.

You can do wonders with a drill, pop rivet gun, Dremel, metal brake and set of hole saws! 

And if you really get into it, Air compressor and Metal Hole Punches

I spent less than fifty dollars in tools modding my case.

Thank you im probably going to start it off with getting a drill and a set oh hole saws.

cool, you should definitely look at getting a multi tool like a Dremel 3000 next.....there just so versatile. 

Now anyone reading this what is a simple looking case $60 or less that i could look at to modify i dont want the case to have a window so i can add it myself.

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