TOOL Anyone?

Any TOOL fans out there?

Any OTG from the first EP?



I like TOOL but I wouldn't say I am a serious fan. I enjoy their music, but its not a daily listen for me, its more of a hey, we are all hanging out, having fun, lets put some TOOL on! because I feel like that is how their music is.

Seen them in concert a few times, great shows. Perfect Circle too!

Yeah I am a big TOOL fan..

I figure you have seen

a few other bands you may like



Danny Carey is my favorite drummer, awesome live.

"Hooker with a penis"

...I'm done

I like where this post is going, Looking forward to finding some other good bands. APC is awesome as well as Chevelle. I really dig Cire, good recommendation, NonServian. 

Prison Sex is also a good song with a funny title. The Claymation for some of the videos are also very awesome!

don't knock it until you try it.

I fucking love tool.

I love fucking tools.

I'm jealous very jealous i missed their gig every time they played in ireland and i still kick myself over it.

Tool kicks ass, and this is just fucking epic. There's a video on youtube of some kids doing a pretty decent cover of this song, but they probably didn't have any idea what it was about.




Does anyone have any stories of how any of TOOL's songs touched them on a spiritual level. LOL this is so stupid but I was just wondering what types of lessons people are getting out of these songs based on their own interpretations. I know Maynard leaves the songs to be open, and to be used at the listener's discretion. 

(I don't want this to turn into some sort of flame war about what the song should mean, but how you interpreted it yourself) 

I tool fucking loves

I always loved math so this makes me happy.

I actually wrote an essay in college about this.

I like this song is good though TOOL has another I like as well I think

I wouldn't really consider myself a die-hard fan or anything, but I listen to them from time to time. Quite a few of their songs can be found in my "Chill" playlist. I've been listening to "The Grudge" a lot here lately. I love how Maynard harmonizes his vocals. It's empowering. They make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

I also really enjoy a specific guitar riff in the song "Intension". It can be found just before the 4 minute mark and continues until around the 6 minute mark. I recommend listening to the song all the way through of course.

Grab a copy of the Lateralus Album, and listen to the songs in the order listed here - mind = blown

Love Tool and APC, Puscifer has also started releasing more new stuff that isn't just repetitive crappy remixes and it's quite good.

Lateralus is definitely their best album, but I also don't understand the hate for 10,00 Days (In general, not that anyone here is hating). It's a concept album, ofc all the songs won't be winners they're used as bridges between thoughts.

Great song as well.