Too Many To Choose From

Looking for a new set of headphones but have never really had a nice pair before. I listen to a pretty wide range of music but mostly metal/edm. Would probably try to use it for gaming. I don't own an amp or dac. 

been looking at:

sennheiser hd 518

akg q701

audiotechnica ath-ad700x

audiotechnica ath m50

vmoda crossfade m-100

Which would you pick and why? Would you recommend something different?

I personally have the HP100, Q701 coming from an E17 (have an O2 kit on the way). I would say that for EDM and metal (unless you listen exclusively to techdeath, which is doubtful), to go with the HP100. They have great bass response without being bloated whatsoever. I find them perfectly punchy and impactful for EDM. Sennheisers will be a bit too veiled for metal, fwir. M50 and M100 have too much bass for decent metal reproduction (though it would do well with EDM). AD700x has too little bass for EDM. Q701 is great for metal, but not perfect for EDM (many call is bass shy). The HP100 also doesn't require much amping at all. They play from my Clip+ just fine.

do you think an amp is really necessary? how will the hp100/q701 sound without an amp? will it really affect the quality or just the volume? 

Having a dac/amp is not really necessary. From personal experience, the Q701 and HP100 do NOT need an amp in order to be driven to loud volumes by a mobo (my mobo anyway). Having a decent amp is more of a quality thing with headphones like these which don't need all that much power. It makes it sound better. I would worry about getting a dac/amp AFTER getting a good pair of headphones though. No reason to get an amp if you don't have anything worth amping, you know? Remember, Amazon has a good return policy. So long as you don't repeatedly abuse it, you can send things back to them without an issue. I've heard of people ordering both sets that they are looking at getting and simply returning the one they don't like. You could order the HP100 and send it back if it doesn't satisfy. From my experience though, I doubt that you would. Everyone that I've let listen to them has been wowed pretty effectively.

I like the akg q701s .... fairly flat with great separation and imaging

Hello there!

I have: 

Sennheiser hd 518

audio technica ath m50

razer kraken

and a few others....

I HIGHLY reccomend the hd 518 for gaming. IMO they are the most comfortable, lightweight, great sounding gaming headphones around.

The razer Kraken headphones are my favorite "laptop" headset as they are easy to drive, include a mic, sound great, have great bass response, and are closed back.

Finally the ATHM50 are a well rounded set that I use for travel, as they are the smallest and most portable of all of these.

I have a set of California headphone co Silverado on the way, and pending those, I may have a new reccomendation. 

For music listening, I would reccomend either the Razer Kraken, or the hd518 depending on if you want open or closed back.