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Too many games challenge 2020

I have a problem. I have dozens and dozens of games in my library that I have never played, yet I am constantly buying new games with excuses like “it’s such a good deal” or “I’ll support the developers” or “I’ll play it eventually” etc. It makes me sad to think about how many games I have that I have never played and let’s be honest, probably never will, if I continue like this.

So here’s a challenge for me and all the people like me:
No buying new games all year, no matter what.
Play one that you already own instead.
Only free games are exempt from this challenge.

So there you go. Who’s with me?

The road ahead will be difficult for sure. Temptation lies behind every announcement, behind every new release and behind every store page. Stay strong, brothers and sisters.


Guilty as well. Im willing to join for as long as I can buy Cyberpunk and that Monster Hunter World Expansion. No purchases for the year…

Do DLCs or in game purchases count in the too many games challenge?

I currently don’t even have a viable gaming PC as it is. Still have bought the odd game under the same premise. One day I WILL have that PC… one day…

I am absolutely getting to working thorough my library of games more and more. My buying has slowed greatly games wise, but on that point I will not stop outright.

For now though I am 94% into Spyro in the trilogy and fully intend to add it to my 100% Club in steam, which is distinct from the Completed category.

What I REALLY need to do is work on game save backups, Steam takes care of most of them but there are a few like GTA:VC that I have 100% and do not want to lose, I have completed it more times than I can count but this is the first time I have done everything.

I think i failed already because i bought tarkov…

can i still do the challenge?

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Challenge accepted & completed.

Bought 0 (NIL, ZERO) games in 2019. Bought 1 game (X4 Foudations) in 2018.

Deleted 90% of my Steam Library a while back (it never was massive to begin with), owning now less than 10 titles. In total I have 5 games installed. 3 of them belong to Mass Effect Trilogy. The only game which I really play - despite knowing dialogues backwards… I have eezo in my veins and proud of it. :blush:


I am already failing, and will be for the rest of the year as I am a humble monthly subscriber.

I try and at least install and play a few hours of the games I get but I find I haven’t the time for that unless a game really grabs me from the instant it starts.

I feel kinda bad that I have all these games i might never play that I have started using the Steam family library sharing to get some family members tied to my steam account so they at least have chances to use the licenses I have acquired.

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I started this about 3 years ago and have made one additional exception:

Games you are so desperate to play you take them home and install and play them right away.

Aside from that I have bought some games for friends (steam gifts) for birthdays and the like, but nothing for myself. The last steam purchase for me was 21 Jan, 2017 and - you guessed it - it’s still on the pile of shame (though I did buy a few games shortly before that, some of which I played).

The above mentioned exceptions I made, which were totally worth it:

  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • NieR:Automata
  • Monster Hunter World (though I did not finish it, but I started it - originally planned to play it with a few friends but we never really got around to it)

Anyway, good luck everyone with that challenge, can save a lot of money - more then you would “save” by buying “discounted” games (because lets face it a lot of the “discount” prices on steam should be their normal price considering games ages).

If you buy ingame stuff or DLCs presumably you are actively playing the base game right? So personally I would say those are fine since they aren’t “wasted”.

Switch platform to Linux, that will cut down the number to buy or play significantly. If you still find it difficult, switch to OpenBSD.



Cyberpunk etc will still be there for us to buy next year :stuck_out_tongue:
Buying DLC and stuff for games you are already playing is fine by me, since you would still be playing a game you already owned. :+1:

Sounds like you don’t have this problem at all, good for you :+1:
I wish to get my “addiction” under control in a similar way, altho probably not getting rid of any games unless Gabe will let us sell our games :stuck_out_tongue:

I too did this last year. If you sub to Game promo and discount deals you can get quite a lot of free games over the course of a year. Sure, I passed on several, will never play more than a few minutes of most, and will never play any as much as 7 Days to Die, but it still beats burning money on 1’s and 0’s you never use.

The Linux switch helped keep me from amassing a huge collection, but so many games run well with Proton that it isn’t a wall anymore but rather a speed bump. There are places to keep track of new Linux native games, including free ones, to help bolster one’s library outside of Steam. 0 A.D. is easily in the top five games I put the most hours into last year.

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I already bought it. Assuming/hoping it will run in Proton. Eventually :smiley:

Yeah i know, never pre-order, etc. But i DO trust CDPR

Lucky. Gonna be hard one to pass especially with linux/proton support. :grimacing:
Being on linux hasn’t really slowed me down at all. Only helped me make better decisions on what kind of games I buy and support.

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From what I remember Witcher 3 worked pretty much at launch, and pretty impressively at that. Not just performance wise, but even playing for hours WINE doesn’t throw a single error, warning, or even info in the log, as opposed to various other games…
Since CP77 is based on the same engine (even though probably an improved one) I’d expect it to run just as well.

I cannot remeber the last time I bought a game (with one execption). I play a lot of games, its just that I don’t buy them (hear me out).

I play, more like “try out” many games, just this month I have played gta 5, sid meyer’s pirates, ashen, dragon age, detroit. I haven’t finished any of them nor do I intend to play them again.

In fact, I have only completed 3 games in my life (I also bought the three games) and those are quake, d2 + lod, and kingdom come. Kingdom Come being the only game I purchased in the last 19 years. I do this mainly because I think that most games (99.9%) are shit. I play them for 1-5 hours and never touch them again.

Kingdom come is the best video game I have ever played, though it did take me 2 years to finish, I 'd say I had fun.

Edit: I forgot, I also own half-life 1,2, I bought em just to play CS: 1.6, CS: S. Haven’t finished HL 1 or 2, but did sink many years of my life into CS.

Yup, CDPR are relatively Linux friendly. Witcher 1/2 are available native (i think 1 is, definitely 2), and it would not surprise me if they are making sure even during development that it will work in Proton (or even vanilla wine) if possible.

Given Valve’s recent work/push with Proton, i suspect most game developers worth shit will be doing the same from here on out. It won’t cost them anywhere near as much as a native port, and performance can be plenty good enough so long as they don’t do anything dumb to break it.

a couple of years ago after i got out of the corps i had a wall paper to remember this

Yeah, assuming Cyberpunk 2077 does come out in 2020 I am 100% going to fail this challenge.

And if Borderlands 3 becomes a non-exclusive I am 200% going to fail this challenge.


I believe borderlands 3 goes non-epic exclusive in MARCH