Too Many Drivers! What Do I choose?

I was casually looking to update my system, So I searched the product companies and found these drivers and updates. Im so Confused in over my head, why would I download a VGA Update from AMG if I have a Nvidia Graphics Card? Do I still download it? and what about all those BIOS updates, which one do I choose?


Someone please help, my computer is soooo outdated!


PC Specs

Windows 8.1

Nvidia Graphics card


Enter Group, Series and Products -> Desktop -> Aspire -> M3985

go directly to nvidia's site and download the latest driver, don't even go near the reseller

+1 go to the source Windows for Windows, Nvidia for nvidia, Motherboard maker with your exact make and model and so on and so forth. Never go to the reseller, they will only fill your pc full of bloatware, malware and spyware.